Disney Cruise

Day 1 – Preboarding

    Port Canaveral – This is where we started the boarding procedure
    Port Canaveral – With ship in background
    Port Canaveral – The dome from the inside.
    Port Canaveral – This is the second story of the same buildng. This is where you check in.
    Model Ship – Captain Hook standing in front of a model of the ship. This is the solid side, the other side is a cross section.
    Model Ship – The cutaway half shjowing everything onboard. The following pictures ( 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, and 81) are all zooms of the cross section.
    Lobby – Mickey welcoming folks aboard and posing for pictures
    Family – The family before we enter our rooms.
    Dock – The view from our room to the boarding thing where we docked. To the right is the sleeve on which you board.
    Finally Moving! – This is when we started to actually move. The disney crew members wave us off.
    Dock – The sleve nce it became unattached.

Day 1 – Show before dinner

    Senior Crew – The different directors of different stuff. No idea who is who. All I know is the captain which is the blonde guy with the mic, and the director of events who is the guy on the far left
    Singer – Some dude that sang songs (there weren’t any non-fuzzy pictures as nobody sat still)
    Juggler – Another dude that juggled stuff and was fairly funny (at least funnier than the singer). Seen here about to juggle a pen, a bowling ball, and a pogostick.

Day 1 – Dinner

    Mom – My mom on our veranda before dinner.
    Roger + Dad = My brother and dad on the veranda before dinner.
    Family – The whole family at te dinner table
    Triton Restaurant – A picture of the mural in the restaurant (mosaic)
    Triton Restaurant – A more obtuse view
    Movie Theatre – A picture of the movie theatre (the smaller of the 2 theatres)
    Movie Theatre – It was empty so I took a picture of Roger

Day 2 – Breakfast

    Grandma – Grandma at the breakfast table
    Dad – Dad at the breakfast table

Day 2 – Lunch

    Front of the ship – A picture of my grandma and me taken by a kind stranger at the front of the ship
    Lunch at Triton – The family fathered for lunch at Triton’s. The mural makes a cameo in the background
    The Bridge – A picture of the bridge from wher the ship is navigated
    The Bridge – From the other side of the brdige
    Roger – Staring at the ceiling while waiting for the trivia game to begin (we lost)

Day 2 – Atlantis

    Atlantis – A picture as we’re driving up to the hotel
    The front – A closeup of one of the entrances
    Inside – The crystal thing in the background is in front of the netrance t the casino. Before that there are shops all around.
    Shops – As seen here
    Crystal – My dad in front of the crystal thing
    Watches – Here’s me trying on watchesto see which I like best
    Watches – I think I’m checking the one I bought for defects after the salesperson sized it as my mom cries in despair over the money she just spent

Day 2 – Dinner

    (But first a quick tour of our room!):
    Stateroom – A picture from the doorway. Note the couch on the left and the bed at the rear.
    Stateroom – This one is from the bed towards the doorway. The bathroom is just to the right of the door. The couch turns into a bed (seen here) and the handle above the couch pulls down to reveal another twin sized bed.
    Bathroom – A shot of our oversized(!) bathroom
    Bathroom – A shot from over the toilet towards the shower
    Bathroom – Another shot of the shower from the same place but with me off to the side
    Bathroom – Another of the shower but this time shot from the sink
    And now… Dinner at Palo’s Restaurant at the top of the ship (Deck 10):
    Family – All dressed and ready for combat (with dinner)
    Family – Same thing, but Roger takes picture and I step into frame
    Several shots of our food before we eat it: 254, 255, 258, 259, 260, 261, and 262
    Family – The family around the table

Day 3 – Castaway Cay

    First glimpse – When I woke up on the third day and looked out the window, this is what I saw. Amazing.
    First glimpse – Another angle
    Triton’s – As we were walking down I felt compelled to take a picture of the front of Triton’s restaurant. That’s the little mermaid on the pole there.
    Lobby – One of the pair of stairs that leads to Deck 4.
    Terra Firma – A picture of the family taken by a friendly passerby with the ship in the background.
    Disney Wonder – The ship by itself
    The beach – A picture of ne of the beaches
    Wallpaper – Here is one of the three pics that we took at large resolution so we could use them as wallpaper. Here are the other two (300, 301)
    Mickey – A great picture of Mickey with the ship in the background
    Goofy – A similar one with goofy
    Adult Beach – This is he beach we hung out at. No kids allowed
    Shallow Water – My brother and I are the little specks far into the water. Even at that distance the water was still about waist-high.
    Another beach – Another picture of another beach as we were leaving
    Back at the ship:
    Construction – A shot of the construction going on and some of the view from our room.
    Open Deck – A large picture from the uppermost open deck over to the island. A beautiful view.
    Ariel – Kind of a nonsequitor, but here’s a picture of the mural that goes from Deck 6 thru 8. Above the mural is a window which is Deck 9 (where all the pools are)

Day 3 – Dinner

    Twilight – My mom on the top deck while we wait for a chance to eat
    Animator’s Palete – This is a neat restaurant where the everything starts off black and white, and by the end of dinner, everything is colorized. Here’s a shot of the restaurant while in transition
    Evil Wall – This is a picture of the wall next to where we were eating.
    BW wall – Here’s my dad in a picture of when the wall looks like when they’re white
    Color wall – Here’s my dad in a picture when the wall is colorized
    Wider shot – A wider shot of the restaurant whn it’s mostly monochrome
    Family – A picture of the family sitting at our table

Day 4

    Family – The family in front of Triton’s
    Disney Dreams – A picture from the “Disney Dreams” theatre show (taken without flash as requested by the crew.. unlike other unruly audience members)
    Cinderella – After the show, Cinderella signs autographs in front of a mural of Walt Disney
    Painting – A picture of a painting of the ship.. it was worth photographing
    Dinner – The family again with our assigned server (Michael, left) and assistant waiter (Aamir, right). The plates make Mickey ears. We thought it was cute.
    Lobby – A shot of the lobby from inside an elevator on Deck 5. Triton’s (featured below) is on Deck 3. The thing at the top of the picture is the chandelier
    Luggage Row – The night before disembarking everyone puts their luggage outside their door and when you awake in the morning, it’s on the dock ready to be picked up. Here is the hallway lined with luggage.
    More luggage – Here’s the row in the other direction

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed the photodocumentary of our vacation. We certainly enjoyed the trip.