Las Vegas – 2001

Since I was too busy/lazy to keep a journal while I was in Las Vegas, I’ll write a brief summary of the trip (or as brief
as I can). The trip consisted of 4 days, 3 nights in hot and dry Las Vegas. We stayed at Harrah’s on the strip. Picutres
will be linked to soon, when Vlad puts them up.

Day 1 – Highlights

  • Arrive at airport, meet up with everyone
  • Get first convertible (Mine), drive to hotel
  • Check in at hotel, go get food
  • Go get second convertible (Vlad’s)
  • Drive to Red Rock Canyon
  • Go to Caesar’s Palace
  • Eat Dinner @ Harrah’s All-night place

Day 2 – Highlights

  • Drive to Hoover Dam
  • Walk around Venetian
  • Walk around Bellagio
  • Dinner @ Harrah’s Italian Place

Day 3 – Highlights

  • Return my Convertible
  • Walk around Bellagio
  • Walk around MGM
  • Walk around Luxor
  • Walk around M&M Museum/Store thing
  • Walk around Coca-Cola Museum/Store thing
  • Dinner @ Harrah’s All-night place

Day 4 – Highlights

  • Pack & Fly Home