Maui 2006

Pictures are up in the gallery.

The schedule of events in Maui were:

Breakfast w/ Vlad & Katie at Marco’s


  • Depart PIT at 8:45am (EDT)
  • Arrive at OGG at 3:00pm (HST)
  • Picked up Green Ford Escape 4wd SUV from Budge Rent-a-car
  • Drove to Hotel, Checked-in
  • Leigha not feeling well for a while
  • Drove to Safeway to get groceries


  • Breakfast w/ Vlad & Katie at Condo Orientation
  • Shopping/Lunch at Shops of Wailea
  • Wedding
  • Dinner at Seawatch


  • Pablo not feeling well in the AM, cancel Road to Hana plan
  • Breakfast w/ Vlad & Katie at Marco’s
  • Snorkeling at Lava Beach
  • Dinner w/ Vlad & Katie at Marco’s


Road to Hana

  • Surf Beach (near Pa’ia)
  • Old Church
  • Black Sand Beach #1
  • Smoothies
  • Another Church
  • Overlook
  • Vlad almost dies
  • Black Sand Beach #2
  • Dinner in Hana (Well Done Burger)


  • Breakfast at Five Palms
  • Swim at Big Beach
  • Visit Lahaina
  • Dinner at Bubba Gump’s
  • Ulalena


  • Snorkelling at Molikini / Turtle Town
  • Shopping in Lahaina
  • Feat at Lele


  • Souvenir shopping w/ Vlad & Katie
  • Lunch w/ Vlad & Katie at Fred’s