Out of space

December 11, 1999 | Comments Off

I am running out of room at my place! I have no space to put crap, which is just as well because it prevents me from spending money. However, it makes me want to buy a computer rack so I can organize the place a little better. Maybe a DVD player, and a big screen TV, and an Aibo…. thank goodness Christmas is nearly here.

More Ext3

November 14, 1999 | Comments Off

For anyone curious, ext3 stuff is working fine as far as I can tell. Except I’m still running the 0.0.2b code but 0.0.2c has just been released. Haven’t had the urge to upgrade/recompile yet.


November 7, 1999 | Comments Off

I’m playing with ext3 on one of the machines. To quote the documentation:

Now, you want to make a journaled filesystem (recommended) or journal an existing one (for the exceptionally stupid/brave).

I journaled an existing filesystem. You be the judge. So far I’ve been trying to abuse it as best I can, but it’s really hard to tell when you sustain data loss with so much data on a partition.


September 25, 1999 | Comments Off

I’m spending a week in Gainesville with my buddy. Good lord, I hate this city. I have never been in a town whose entire economic base is towing. That’s right:
towing. Why!? 24×7 towing. Who the hell does this benefit? I don’t know. I almost got towed because I didn’t have a visitors decal 5 minutes after the office opened, I swear there was a guy outside just WAITING to tow me. At any rate, other than that I am pretty much hanging out in the apartment and tying up some loose ends.

Hello World

September 12, 1999 | Comments Off

Welcome to my homepage. If I ever think of something worth informing the world of, I’ll be sure to put it here. ;) The only mostly complete link on the right is computers. The rest of it I still need to find some time to work on.