August 15, 2002 | Comments Off

Wow, it’s been almost an entire year since my last posting to the website. Not many things have changed
since a year ago. I’m still working for PresenceWorks. I’m still driving the same car. One thing that has changed is that I’m now dating (and living with with) my girlfriend Leigha. I generally dislike it when people talk about their significant others on their websites, so I won’t attempt it. Suffice it to say we are quite happy.

Not too much travel lately either. I went to Florida in April, and again with Leigha for fourth of July. We went to Pennsylvania (her home state) on several occasions, too. One of her best friends is getting married in October, so that’s a bit exciting.

Oh yeah, Vlad finally graduated college, allowing him to do what more and more Americans are doing every day: be unemployed. Congratulations Vlad!