November 5, 2003 | Comments Off

Having just read this article I felt a little guilty about my own website. I’m considering taking it down, or something along those lines, instead of leaving embarrasingly out-of-date content up.

On the other hand, as a result of this site, a potential far-removed relative of mine contacted me trying to trace her roots, and perhaps we have some relationship.

Here’s the latest summary: Switched jobs; bought a house; my Blazer died so I got a new(-to-me) car. All of which keep me busy and provide the perfect excuse for not updating this page.

End of year trip

January 8, 2003 | Comments Off

This is really terrible. I only made one entry in all of 2002. One might actually think I was busy (ha ha ha). Last year ended with a great long 2 week road trip to Florida and back. Neither of us felt energetic enough to keep a journal, so nothing for you to read. But we did take a few pictures.

Aside from the normal stuff in South Florida, we stopped in Savannah, GA for three nights, and in Dunn, NC for another three nights. The Savannah stop was a sightseeing trip, while the Dunn stop was a “hide from the family” trip. Both succedeed well.

In the past year my guitar hobby has fallen out of favor and I am now more into photography. I’ve set up a gallery.

I resolve to make more entries this year (oh yeah, and lose the extra 15 lbs i’m carrying around).