Finally a WRT54G

February 28, 2005 | Comments Off

I finally got a new toy, the LInksys WRT54G. As usual, I find myself trying to make it dance a jig it was never taught. My goal with the router is to eliminate my linux box as the entry point, and use the WRT54G in a few ways.
1: I want it to have my 2 public IPs and proxy the appropriate services
2: I want it to run PPTPD for the WLAN

This way, as long as there is some sort of power, I can be sure I can access the home network, and the SPOF for the network moves from the complicated linux boxes to the simple WRT54G.

I’m not sure how easy it is going to be.

Almost forgot!

January 31, 2005 | Comments Off

So the month of January tried to sneak by without me posting, but it failed, so: IN YOUR FACE January!

I’ve been busy over the last month recovering from a failed computer and the holidays, so I haven’t had much time to tinker at all. Leigha bought me an LCD monitor, which I’m enjoying in addition to the newly found desk space. Roger came up earlier in the month, and we all went skiing (snowboarding in Roger’s case), which was surprisingly fun.

For Christmas, I also got ziplinq USB charger for my phone, which has been handy, and makes travelling a little easier. Like I said, sadly I didn’t do much tinkering, but I didn’t want to let the month pass without a post.