February 11, 2000 | Comments Off

Vacation time! I’m leaving tomorrow morning from MIA to my home city of Buenos Aires, Argentina for 2 weeks. Haven’t even started packing yet but I have a nifty list of things to take. I’m not really excited yet. Mostly dreading the trip to MIA. It’s a crappy airport in a crappy city (Miami). Once I get there I’m sure the excitement will be peaking.

Customs at EZE (the airport in Bs. As.) is messed up. It’s like a lottery. You get your bags from the spinning luggage things and form a line. There is a big red button on a column at the front of the line. When you get there, you push it. If you get a green light, you go through the easy customs lane (just a few questions). If you get a red light, your bags get inspected. Makes sense? My feeling is it’s rigged. If you look rich or suspicious, you get a red. Or if the guy is horny and there’s a cute chick traveling alone, RED. Other than that, I really can’t figure it being a good system. Maybe they use it to maintain certain levels in lines. If it’s too busy, you get greens until the queues start emptying. When there’s a spot in a “slow” lane, red light comes on.

At any rate, traveling isn’t the greatest thing. It’s an 8 hour flight. Very boring. Very bad movies (last time I think we had The Negotiator and Home Alone 3). I guess The Negotiator isn’t that bad. That’s all for now. Be back in 2 weeks.

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