March 2, 2000 | Comments Off

Vacation is over and I started back at work on Monday, only they forgot to tell me that our department had moved to the third floor. It would have been nice of them to tell me this, send me an email, something. But no, I get there on Monday and someone else’s stuff is at my desk. I go to check my boss’s desk and his stuff is gone too. Finally someone informs me where we have moved to and I have to go hunt down my cubicle. Before I left on vacation noone had told me this would be happening, so I had left all my drawers locked. Apparently, the new idiot at my desk was unhappy with this and had the facilities guy unlock my drawers and he moved my stuff elsewhere. I got the day off today because it is my birthday so I spent the day doing errands more than anything. Haircut, truck service, mailing stuff, phone calls, stuff I never get the chance to do. Fortunately, I got alot done, and when I did it was still 9:30am. I guess I must have woken up early. On another note I have to upload my journal from the trip, but I need to proofread it first also. When I put it up it should be in the ‘Musings’ section.

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