June 25, 2000 | Comments Off

It seems odd that I haven’t written in so long comsidering that so much has happened in a relatively short period of time. First I’ll address the easy stuff. I went on a Disney Cruise at the beginning of june which ROCKED. Fun times to be had by all. The best part of the cruise is Disney’s island in the Bahamas called (Castaway Cay) which is absolutely gorgeous. Nothing short of heaven on earth.

Now the complicated stuff. I’m effectively in Washington, D.C. for at least the next 3 months. I’ve taken a job up here with a REALLY cool company called and the place is very beautiful. It’s a fairly small town called Alexandria which is very historic looking. I rented a 2 bedroom apartment on the Potomac River and a few blocks from work so I look forward to biking/walking to work regularly. Aside from that there isn’t much more I can say. I haven’t had a chance to go sightseeing. I’ve mostly been locked in an office the whole time banging out code. At any rate, I’ll keep the world (or the insignificant subset thereof) up to date on happenings around here as the chance appears. Thanks for reading.

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