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I haven’t given an update in way too long. So I’ll just summarize what I’ve been up to the last few months.

February – Nothing particularly special that I can recall. Maybe my mom visited me, but I’m not sure.

March – Katie and Dana came to visit in DC and stayed a few days. I had a lot of fun, and either they had fun too, or they pretended pretty well.

April – I went to a wedding in Guatemala. Here is the journal with pictures. Here are my favorite pictures. I also went to Bradenton to visit my old friend Jennifer, and then went to Disney with Vlad. All in the span of 2 weeks.

May – I just got back from Katie’s graduation. I hung out with Vlad, and Katie, and Katie’s family, and Katie’s friends for most of the weekend. Now I’m in Boston for a conference. It’s fairly cold. A little more warmth wouldn’t hurt.

There you go. My last 4 months in 10 sentences or less. Oh yeah. I also purchased a bunch of crap. I got my laptop/apartment wirelessly networked (802.11b), I got a guitar stand (which I’ve been practicing regularly — the guitar, not the stand), and a vacuum (exciting I know). I also bought a Sparc5 to replace one of my servers in Florida. I also bought that Vaio Superslim Pro I’ve been wanting for a long time. Yeah, I blew a lot of money, but I *REALLY* needed it… really!

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