EBay Localization

May 16, 2004 | Comments Off

Twice this weekend I found myself wishing ebay had a way to filter out sellers who were physically located in my region. In the first case, because the item I was shopping for is heavy/bulky so shipping costs would negate any savings on the product. In the second case, I needed something small that is significantly less expensive second-hand than new but I needed it immediately, so again, picking up was preferrable to expedited shipping. Instead I had to troll through Craig’s List to look for the item locally (unsuccessfully).

On that note, Craig’s list can be the source of some serious entertainment as it turns out. Here are two somewhat-humorous classifieds:

It probably helps if you understand what the various sections are used for. The ‘missed connections’ section seems interesting, but pointless.

(Yes, I realize Craig’s List has been around for ages and this is probably news to only me.)

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