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Being the lazy individual that I am, I don’t bother too much with playlists. I like them in theory, but the problem is music is rather complex. For example, my playlist for dinner music would probably be very similar to my ‘mellow’ playlist, except without all the offensive/offbeat things I enjoy (Kermit singing “It’s not easy being green”). On the other hand, there’s a lot of music to choose from, and it’s hard to think of what things might be good in a playlist.

Tonight I wanted to see if I could find some pre-engineered playlists to save some brain power, and I realized two drawbacks with most implementations: first, it’s very easy to create a playlist and many silly monkeys have done this, so there’s just as many playlists as there are songs, and second, no one has come up with a good way to search playlists. In my mind there’s two ways to search playlists, which should work in conjunction with each other. 1) Let me search by title of the playlist (“dinner” being a good thing to search for, and 2) since your concept of dinner music is probably very different from mine, let me specify some songs, and you tell me which playlists include these songs. So, for example, I want to find playlists that contain Rufus Wainwright and Penguin Cafe Orchestra. If that results in too many hits (ha!), filter it down by lists that contain ‘dinner’ in the title. That should get me somewhere near people who have similar tastes in dinner music.

If anyone is aware of a site that has something similar, feel free to inform me.

[UPDATE] I did find a single playlist with both Rufus and P.C.O. here.

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