Rack redux

October 31, 2004 | Comments Off

I was doing some work on the website today and started reading back through the archives and I saw that in 1999 I had mentioned wanting to buy a rack to organize the computers. It turns out I did end up doing that at the end of 2003.

Vlad came to visit in December 2003, and since we always need a project, I suggested building a rack. The only thing that we couldn’t get locally was the rails, so I ordered those ahead of time. I designed the rack in CAD to help us along. In the end, the mostly-finished product looked convincingly like the CAD rednering. We also made a dark, grainy video(DivX/10MB) of us assembling the frame.

In the end, the project cost about $100. Most of that cost was the 2 sets of 12U rails I bought for $50. The rest was lumber and hardware. It’s also on wheels and mostly self contained so it’s easy to push around.

More pictures here.

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