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Historically I’ve never been a very big fan of PHP (granted, I haven’t looked at PHP5 yet). This is not a hastily formed opinion based on superficial experience. The website you are now reading was (and continues to be) PHP based. I had a good mind to rewrite it in Mason (or heck, even Ruby) just to move away from it. But when I was setting up Anna’s site I decided to try WordPress and they’ve managed to build a very nice platform on top of a steaming pile of poo; so my hat is off to them.

I liked it enough that I decided to move Leigha’s site to WordPress (from MoveableType *ptoo*). I even liked it enough to move my own site from being somewhat-blogger based to WordPress and here we find the impetus for this entry.

WordPress has done an impressive job of easing migration of the content. I had to migrate the template painstakingly by hand. And I had to back-fill my pre-Blogger entries (flat HTML files) into the system. They didn’t have titles at the time, so if you look at any entries from 2003 and earlier they probably have Smallvile-style one-word titles. I have to say it was interesting travelling back in time to make those entries. I had forgotten many of those events.

So we find ourselves here. Gleefully in WordPress land. Candy for everyone!

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