Galleon fun

June 29, 2006 | 1 Comment

Here’s a google oddity. Google for “galleon” , a few results down, it will give you results for “Galleon Tivo”. Not sure why it does that, since I haven’t seen similar results at any other point in time. I digress.

After I got the TiVo happily onto the lan, I resumed poking around with the TiVo HME stuff. On their site I found a link to Galleon as a very popular HME app. I downloaded it and was very impressed with it. It reads the iTunes data file in as a source for serving music (it has other modes, like reading raw directories). This provided a much simpler and more maintanable solution than the iTunes/TiVoServer proxy I had hacked together. It gives access to content I hadn’t been making available previously, such as podcasts. The UI for the galleon config leaves something to be desired, but isn’t too painful once you get the idea. Some of the apps I really like are the weather, the movie listings, and RSS reader.

If someone with some UI sense would give the config UI a good whack, I think it’d be a really compelling use of HME. I also found AudioFaucet interesting as well. I had to file some support requests because I couldn’t get it working right at first but Kyle was very quick answering my questions. I had moved my iTunes library and AudioFaucet expects to find it in the ‘MyMusic’ folder.

1 Comment

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