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September 12, 2006 | Comments Off

I’ve finally infiltrated the ranks of the SLR dorks. It’s not a small club, by any means, but I just didn’t realize how dorky it was until we were getting our engagement pictures taken recently and another SLR dork came to ask our photographer what lens she was using (it was the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens) and inside I was a little ashamed. I mean, I *thought* about asking her what lens she was using, but I could tell that a) I couldn’t afford it, and b) it’s like asking a football player what brand of shoes he uses. I mean, where do you take the conversation from there? “Really? I use Adidas….”

Canon G2Nikon D50At any rate, I had subscribed to the “good photographers take good pictures regardless of equipment” philosophy and obviously I’m not a good photographer, but I immediately noticed better pictures using the SLR vs my aged “prosumer” camera. Here’s one example. Both images were taken at ISO200 (the D50 does 200-1600, the G2 does 50-400), f/4 from the same physical distance (I zoomed the G2 to get a similar composition). The picture on the left is the G2 taken at 1/60 sec with “17mm” focal length, which is definately not 35mm equivalent. The picture on the right is with the D50 taken with a 50mm lens at 1/25 sec. You can tell even in the thumbnail that the D50 isolates the subject better than the G2. I mean those trees are FAR, and in the G2 they’re fairly identifiable. If you look at the full size images you can see some graininess in the G2 image, but I can forgive it that, it sucks at anything other than the suggested ISO50. Even still, the difference to me seems like night and day.

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