The Megafeed

December 16, 2006 | 1 Comment

It occurred to me that one of the neat things about Google Reader is that you can create meta-feeds based on any tag you have. So for example, I make my starred items public so anyone can (and should!) subscribe to my items. You don’t have to subscribe to the feeds I subscribe to, but I can filter my feeds for interesting things for you.

Then it occurred to me that there’s probably a few people who are interested in all the websites we have, so I created what I call the megafeed. This is a single feed which you can (and should!) subscribe to that will aggregate the posts from all of the Averbuj family blogs. And the best part is I can add new feeds (such as the wedding feed, for example) without you having to do anything. The feed currently aggregates my blog, Leigha’s blog, Anna’s blog, and a feed for Anna’s photo gallery. One stop shopping!

1 Comment

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