How I Lost My Thumbdrive

August 9, 2007 | Comments Off

Well, so as a technology, thumbdrives didn’t last long, at least not for me. I can’t exactly remember when I bought my first one, it was probably around 2001-2002 (sadly I still have it), it was a 64mb beast. My latest purchase was an impulse buy, a 1gb sandisk cruzer micro at Office Depot some time ago. Today I virtually eliminated any need to use one. I had known about this for some time, but I was too cheap to act until this past week. As previously written, I have a T-Mobile SDA (HTC Tornado) which has support for miniSD cards. This past week I bought a 2gb Sandisk Ultra II miniSD for $23 off some random vendor (Blue Proton) on Amazon. I have to say that their turn around was impressive. I ordered late Thursday morning, they shipped Friday and it arrived Monday. That’s PCMall turnaround for $5. At any rate, I wasn’t expecting for days and Leigha didn’t know I had ordered so she inadvertently kept it hidden from me until this morning.

I had done the research before placing the order and it seemed like 2gb was the largest size the phone would safely accept. I saw a lot of problems by people with 4gb cards and decided to avoid the issue, if it works I can always upgrade later. I chose the 2gb Ultra II because it seemed to perform well and when it becomes cellphone obsolete I can use the included MiniSD -> SD adapter it should continue it’s useful life in my camera.

So back to our main story, I had already installed in my phone the requisite software. It’s called WM5torage. It only works with Windows Mobile 5, I’m not sure what, if any, solutions are available for WM6. After I installed the card and ran the software I got the error 57 as mentioned. I did a quick search for “windows mobile registry editor” and came up on the simply name “Mobile Registry Editor“. I did not have .NET 1.1 installed so that was the first hurdle. I kept getting “permission denied” errors which seemed like the “access denied” errors described in the FAQ but the cause turned out to be that I was running the app off a network share which caused issues. When I copied it to the hard drive it ran fine. After I added the registry entry as described on the WM5torage page, it still did not work. Oh wait, it’s Windows, reboot. Reboot fixed and it came back up and worked. So now, as long as I have one of the ubiquitous mini USB cables, I can connect my phone to a computer in mass storage mode, and it’s one less gadget to keep on my keychain.

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