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August 13, 2007 | Comments Off

I’ve previously discussed how I don’t really get what comment spam is supposed to accomplish. I wanted to document how I configured WordPress to let good comments through and keep bad comments out. The “trick” to realize that most commenters don’t usually leave links. To that end I’ve configured this website to allow comments without links through without moderation. All other comments must be approved. And of course, I use Akismet which is great. In total I think maybe two or three spam comments enter the moderation queue every month. And non-spam comments never have, but then again, how many comments have been left? (Answer: 21!)

The setting is simple. Under “Options / Discussion” I’ve set it to e-mail me on all comments and e-mail me when there’s a comment held for moderation. I leave all three of the “Before a comment appears…” checkboxes blank, along with the blacklist box. Finally, and most importantly, I put a “1″ in the box for “Hold for modeartion if a comment as [ 1 ] or more links.”

That’s it. I’m sure this is earth shattering. Enjoy.

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