My printer can beat up your printer

November 4, 2007 | 2 Comments

Another notch on the lameness post, I’m totally stoked about the printer I bought. I selected the Brother MFC-9440CN based on excellent reviews and a price that was somewhat palatable. I have big ambitions of going paperless and our old printer had churned its last page*. I’ll try not to bore you with my requirements but I wanted an all-in-one print/fax/scan that did color laser output. After much research I had made my choice and ordered from  Newegg.

Now, after having set up the basic printing functionality on Leigha’s computer and my own I’m playing with the other features and this thing does so much more than advertised. That’s right, my printer can generate CSRs. I’ve worked on printers that had shell access but I thought that was reserved for the high end office printers; not anymore. Also, one of my personal favorite device features: email me when something goes wrong. It can also scan documents to an FTP server (in this case the NAS) which combined with the auto-document feeder can seriously move the needle on my paperless goal.

* The old printer was a good and trusty friend. I bought it when I first moved to Virginia in 2000 for $200 off Ebay. At last check it had something north of 150k pagecount. You’ll be missed Laserjet 4 Si MX (but not for your loudness, weight, or light-dimming power draw)!


  1. God that LasterJet sucked, it was half the size of your home office and needed extra cement in the foundation to keep that side of the house from sinking.


    Comment by Vlad Mazek — November 6, 2007 #

  2. this game doesnt work

    Comment by Ethan — July 22, 2009 #

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