Mi Iaia

March 12, 2009 | Comments Off

Mi Iaia
My grandmother, Carolina, or Iaia as we called her passed away today of natural causes after 94 years of life. 

She lived and died with grace and dignity and was an example to me and so many other people for how to live a life of adversity and persevere without losing your sense of humor or humility. She played a role in every stage of my life and I am very thankful for the lessons she taught me with her words and with her actions. I am glad to have spent three days earlier this week by her side.

She will be missed by more people than I can list here, but is survived by her daughter Cristina, her son Rodolfo (Yiye), her grandchildren Gaby, Veronica, Roger, and Pablo, and six great-grandchildren including my two girls, Alexis and Anna (whose middle name is Caroline after Iaia).

Ciao, Iaia.
June 16, 1914 – March 12, 2009

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